Wenonah Canoe Unofficial Redesign

Wenonah item page for desktop

If you have spent any time in the canoeing scene, you have probably heard of Wenonah. I took it upon myself to (unofficially) redesign their site. Their current site can be found at Wenonah.com.

The Design

While canoeing, you find yourself in so many beautiful parts of nature; I had to somehow incorporate that into the design. I chose to do large photo for the background image. The homepage is left fairly blank in order to show the gorgeous scenery.

Wenonah home page for desktop

Wenonah item page for tablet

Wenonah item page for mobile

Wenonah has a lot to offer, but I wanted to keep visible navigation to a minimum. The scenery and products really deserve focus. To do this, I left top navigation small, but added large hover menus. This leaves the design uncluttered, but still easy to navigate.

Wenonah navigation for desktop

Wenonah navigation for mobile

Technical Details

This design was created in Sketch 3.0 with some help of Photoshop CC for product photo isolation.

The is not associated in any way with Wenona Canoe, Any views expressed are mine alone.